Monday, October 6, 2014

Marshmallow Ear Wax Swabs

Happy October!  Hope your month has been spooky so far!  If you're throwing a big monster mash bash, you have to have spooky treats and cocktails for your guests.  I know the list of ingredients needed to throw a party could get long, so to make things more simple, make sure you're serving Marshmallow Ear Wax Swabs!  A gross looking but tasty treat with only two ingredients!  Your guests will love the creativity and will get such a kick out of seeing these on your serving table.  Don't worry, I'll give you the lowdown on the supplies and instructions, but they're so easy to make.


Peanut Butter

Mini Marshmallows



1.  Stick two mini marshmallows on each end of the toothpick

2.  With a butter knife, spread a glob of peanut butter on top of each marshmallow

3.  Repeat until you have enough swabs to display nicely on a platter

Note- you can also use melted chocolate or caramel instead of peanut butter.  Your guests will be completely grossed out with these spooky Halloween treats until they try them, then they won't be able to stop!

Happy Halloween!

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