Friday, February 14, 2014

3 years old!

It's my blog-iversary!  Today, The Sweetest Temptations turns 3!  So much can happen in three years.  In three years, you could be more than halfway through high school, you could have three babies, you could fall in love and get married, you could travel the world three times, or you could create 155 blog posts about candy.  

Can you guess one thing I've accomplished in the last three years?  That's right.  Today marks my 155th blog post in three years.  The two photos on this post were taken the day that I started my blog where I created my very first post 3 years ago, and were Valentine's treats I got from my parents and my boyfriend. 

I remember when I started my blog people didn't get it why I would start a blog and made jokes about it and thought I was crazy, and told me I'd run out of things to write very quickly.  Now, three years later, I have over 219,000 total views on my blog, over 50 subscribers to my blog, over 600 followers on my @ChelleyCandy Twitter, tons of samples of candy from companies who wanted me to try their product and review them, and once again 155 successful blog posts!  I sure proved them wrong! 

I'm so happy I decided to start this blog and stuck with it.  It makes me really happy to blog about the sweetest temptations in the world and I'm happy I bring joy to so many people.  Everyone I know now knows me as the candy girl, and I'm extremely okay with that!

Thanks to all of my fans for your support, and Happy Valentine's Day! Stay sweet!


  1. Candylicious Congratulations Michelle! Woo Hoo! You have so much to be proud of and I look forward to many more posts from you. People mocked me when I started my very first blog. You let people talk and continue to DO! The only person that matters is YOU! If you believe, it will be. That is my philosophy! Others will see your potential and recognize it. Again, congratulations doll.

  2. Thank you so much, Kim! I really, really appreciate your support! We just have to keep doing what makes us happy! Hope you had a great weekend!