Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sour Punch - Punchies

There's nothing more that I love than Sour Candy.  Sour Punch belts and straws have always been one of my personal favorites.  I like the Strawberry and Watermelon flavors the best.  So when I found out that Sour Punch made another product called Punchies, I knew I had to try them!  My friends at American Licorice Co. were sweet enough to send me some to review.  As soon as I got them in the mail, I had to try them immediately and loved them!

Punchies come in 5 different flavors:

Blue Raspberry
Green Apple

I tried each one by one and even mixed the flavors for a fun and delicious twist.  Punchies are soft and chewy, super tart, and definitely sour!  I didn't know what to expect at first and thought they would be mini sour belts, but they were small circular shaped candies, with cute little faces on each one, and were super colorful.  

I first tried the lemon flavor, and as you may or may not know, lemon is typically always my go to flavor for candy or sweets.  One bite in, my taste buds took in the tart flavor and my mind thought I was taking a bite out of a real lemon because it was so juicy, flavorful and sour.  The lemon definitely reminded me of Lemon Heads, which I love, so this was absolutely my favorite flavor.

Strawberry was also delicious.  After a few bites, I could taste a fresh but sour strawberry in my mouth, and I thought I was eating a strawberry sour belt, minus the outside coating of sugar.  The aftertaste was  amazing since the fresh strawberry juice stuck with me.

Eating the tangerine tasted like I was sipping on a tangerine orange juice.  Super juicy, super sour, and super tart.

Next was the blue raspberry.  There was mostly a blueberry flavor with a hint of raspberry.  As with the others, this was extremely tart and sour.  

Lastly was the green apple.  This one tasted just like the green apple sour belts.  The strong and tart apple flavor mixed with sourness was just mouthwatering and made me want to pick some more green apples off of the tree and keep eating!

Eating these flavors solo or mixing them are both amazing decisions to make.  I'd definitely recommend these for any candy lover, especially sour connoisseurs like me!  My favorite mix was Strawberry and Lemon to make Strawberry Lemonade!  So sweet, tart, juicy, and flavorful.  Go buy some, you will not be disappointed.  Thanks Sour Punch for making my day that much sour, but in a good way!


  1. I've never tried these Michelle! I love sour candy too. I would definitely mixed the flavors. HAHAHAHA

  2. Yay! Sour friends! :) It's just the best candy! You have to try them, Kim! Thanks for reading!