Saturday, November 2, 2013

Whirl-Ease-Honey Hot Beverage Sweetener

Every time I drink tea, I always add some honey.  Sometimes, the honey bear gets sticky and messy, but I don't care. It makes my tea a tad sweeter and I love it.  Recently, an alternative was brought to my attention.  It was the Whirl-Ease-Honey hot beverage sweeteners from Strawberry Hill Candy and that changed my whole tea party experience!

First of all, they're adorable.  They're honey pots on a stick.  Anyone that has a honey pot on a stick will automatically be in a good mood.  The fact that you can use it in a hot beverage, swivel it around, and make your beverage sweeter with just one easy motion, is just amazing!  I always think of Winnie the Pooh when I see honey pots (which is not very often).  This swivel stick is shaped like a pot and even says honey on it.  Totally cute.

When I first brewed up my tea, it the water couldn't heat up fast enough, I was excited to use my swivel stick.  Once it was ready, I threw in a tea bag, then used the swivel stick.  As soon as I put it in, the honey pot made a cracking noise and the pot became cracked on the inside, because the water was so hot.  I stirred and stirred for a few moments until the honey pot completely dissolved off the stick and sweetened my tea!  

It was a good amount of honey to add to my big tea cup.  It was not too sweet and was just the right amount.  I do like my beverages sweet though, so you could maybe use one stick for two cups of tea.  You can also add these adorable honey pots in your chai or cider.  They're made with real wildflower honey and are gluten free!  

If you want to spice up your tea party experience, share some Whirl-Ease-Honey stirrers with your friends, kids, whoever, and they'll be bound to enjoy them as much as I!  Cheers!

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