Monday, November 5, 2012

Project Candy for Victims of Sandy

We’re all aware of the devastation the East Coast has suffered due to Hurricane Sandy.  Hurricane Sandy has destroyed thousands and thousands of homes from fires and flooding and has left so many homeless.   There are gas and food shortages and many residents are still powerless with no clean water or food and no place to go. 

As it occurred last week, this forced many areas of New Jersey and New York to cancel Halloween.  Being that this is a candy blog and all of the previous posts were leading up to Halloween, imagine if all of the sudden, your little ones were not able to go trick or treating as they have been planning for the last two months because the whole town is in shambles.  It would be very hard explaining this to the young ones and is not the enjoyable event that it should be. 

My sister wanted to bring some joy to the children who were not able to trick or treat by setting up the Project Candy for Victims of Sandy page on Facebook.   This storm hit New Jersey and New York the hardest.  I’m a Jersey girl at heart and my hometown at the Jersey Shore, along with many other towns were destroyed.  Countless hours that were spent at the boardwalk are now suddenly just a memory.   The soul of New Jersey has been ripped out and will never be the same as it once was.

So now it’s your turn to bring some happiness to the victims of the hurricane.  We’re asking you to join in on the fun, by packaging 5 pieces of candy in a plastic ziplock bag and ship them over to the East Coast.  Life’s all about sharing and this is a great lesson for children as well.  I know we all love candy, but it’s always more fun to enjoy indulging with others and giving those who may not have any a little taste.  Other items are welcome too, if you’re interested to find out more information, please go to Project Candy for Victims of Sandy

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