Sunday, October 2, 2011

X-Treme Sour Smarties

When I was little, Halloween was just about getting as much free candy as possible in a short amount of time.  I'd run with my siblings from house to house, packing candy into my pillow case until it got so full that I needed to empty it out at home and go out for some more.  

My sister and I would always sort our candy out all over the living room floor.  One thing I always remembered about my pillow cases of sweet loot was that I always got a lot of Smarties.  Those button sized pastel colored treats, all stacked up into a twisted wrapped roll were a favorite for the candy passer outers.  And just so you know, I enjoyed eating them as well.

I have always known the tart taste of Smarties was enjoyable for the tastebuds, but what I never knew was that Smarties came in X-treme Sour Flavor.  Until recently. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some of them for my review.  The lovely folks over at the Smarties factory sent some my way.

When looking at the X-treme Sour Smarties, they look just like the classic Smarties.  Mini pastel circles that are easy to pop in your mouth.  But tasting them is an extremely (SOUR) different story.  As soon as I popped one in, my mouth was in for an extreme surpriseI love sour everything, so I loved these Extreme Smarties.  They were super sour, flavorful, tart, crunchy, and fabulous!  Not as sour as a Warhead, but close!

Definitely a great way to throw a party in your mouth! An X-tremely Sour Smartie party!  Try them today to get the party started!

Thanks for sharing your amazing product, Smarties! And the coolest part about their company is that it is family owned in my home state of NJ! Doesn't get better than family and NJ! :)


  1. We have some of those at our house! (Thanks Smarties!). My 12 year old deemed them "super sour" - that's coming from an authority on sour! Enjoy!

  2. Haha I love everything sour, so I am on her side and totally agree with her! Thanks for reading and sharing! :)

  3. Thank you so much for this fun review! So glad to hear you liked the X-treme Sour Smarties :)

  4. Of course Liz! I'm glad you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing and tasting! I'm always open to more reviews :)